Choose with care

Ever thought why should you bother choosing litter for your pet, since they all are the same? We advise to have a second thought about it, and we mean it.

Lately, a test of most expensive litter, that, most probably, you are familiar with, and Green Cuddle litter has been conducted. The results surprised us!

But let’s start from the beginning. Test procedure was rather simple:

  • 100 ml of litter was put into graded cup.
  • 400 ml of water was poured into same graded cup.
  • 5 minutes of waiting (just for the competition).
  • Observing results.


As you might see on the left, expensive competition did not even absorb 400% of it’s own volume.

On the right you should better see how Green Cuddle litter fared in the test.

choose_with_care_02 choose_with_care_03

Of course, it is not up to us to decide which is better, but if you would ask our opinion, well, I would rather stay safe and happy without over flooding home.

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