Cat Bio-litter


10L box of organic pet litter


Lasts up to two months for your cat to enjoy.

Green Cuddle litter is made from natural wheat or rye straw and is suitable for cats and other pets. Made of 100 % natural ingredients, bio cat litter straw-formula pellets are designed for your cat’s paws, are extremely absorbent, and keep odours under control. Disinfecting in a special, patented process at over 100 degrees results in a product free from bacteria that contains no chemicals, dyes or additives. Green Cuddle makes waste removal easy: the litter can be composted or flushed in the toilet.* The pack size of 10 litres lasts up to 2 months for you cat to enjoy.
Pour in a layer of 6–7 cm of cat litter. Level the litter to create a smooth surface for your cat to paw.
Scoop out clumped pieces of litter and faeces. Scooped-out litter and faeces can be disposed of in the garbage or flushed in the toilet (observe local regulations).
Add fresh litter after cleaning to replace the scooped-out amount and level the surface.
*Advice: Check your local regulations.

3xl-super-absorption Ever wondered why you run out of litter so fast? Perhaps because of low absorption rate, which results in more litter needed to soad up same volume of liquid.
odur-control-up-to-100% Smell. Harmless, but can be totally unpleasant. So we designed our pellets to lock scent and keep both you and your pet happy.
thermally-disinfected Quality making our product special. We have managed to enhance all litter’s characteristics by introducing special heating – forming process. Long hours of thorough testing resulted in not only noticable qualities, but also some extra small advantages like product free from bacteria and of attractive colour.
mini-4mm-power-pallets Remember what it feels like when walking on rocks? We bet it not your pets favourite thing too. Our pellets feels exact opposite – small and soft – almost like walking on almonds.
suitable-for-rodents Other pets deserves some GreenCuddle love too. And since our product is 100% natural it can’t hurt your beloved pet.
anti-dust-effect Some industry standard litter carries unsatisfying dust effect, rendering litter useless for people / pets with allergy to fine particles. Famous Green Cuddle litter brings very little to no dust while employing the product – making it solid alternative to.