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These are just some of the adverbs describing us. From being very little we were told humans are inextricably linked with nature. So we grew up looking after environment. In the world where some 299 million tons of plastic is produced annually it is a hard mission. But instead of giving up we carry a mindset that even one person can make a difference. So there’s nothing we like more than serving you, and ourselves with completely natural products. We hope you enjoy them at least as much as we do!

Our products are made in EU and distributed by partner Eco Viva GmbH.



Actually, it all started very randomly. Having an access to pellets manufacturing facility meant we had two options: either make a traditional, market overfilled product, or be creative. Imagination didn’t help much until one morning, when, whilst storing the product we looked carefully at the humidity of facilities, because of the product’s attribute – water absorption. EUREKA! We just need to figure out what product would need high H20 absorption. Didn’t take long before the idea of pet litter idea struck to our heads. So testing if our product is fit for litter purpose began. First we used industry standard pellets, but later noticed that smaller pellets suits pets’ feet much better. Many other tweaks, including thermal disinfection took place, but it wasn’t until the final stage that we realised how good the product turned out!

Latest news

  • Choose with care

    Ever thought why should you bother choosing litter for your pet, since they all are the same? We advise to have a second thought about it, and we mean it. Lately, a test of most expensive litter, that, most probably, you are familiar with, and Green Cuddle litter has been conducted. The results surprised us! […]

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